NextGen PtS

I’ve been seeing projects promoting a code of conduct. Let’s be real here. These projects are hobbies, fun for us. A way to get away. I dont have any hold on anybody. I’m just a guy with an idea and access to the internet. So instead of putting a code of conduct out there and making people feel obligated to follow some strangers rules. I’ve decided to try and help the world in a different way. By trying to open a few eyes. This is a still a working progress. And signing up here is just a signup. it doesnt obligate you to anything. doesnt add u to a mailing list. You will get 1 email letting you know the signup went thru but thats all. This is just a project, an idea, to see what our future might look like. The more signatures added, the brighter i see our future being. If enought people ask I can put a public list up for everyone else to see. But out of respect to privacy the list will stay private. There is a badge upon signup that will be awarded to show off to others that you signed. again its optional whether you want to share or not.

  1. “I promise to myself that I will accept my strengths as well as my flaws.”
  2. “I will always keep in mind that I cannot control everything.”
  3. “I will choose my battles wisely.”
  4. “I will forget the pains of the past but remember their lessons.”
  5. “I promise to myself that I’ll maintain a stable peace of mind.”
  6. “I won’t compromise my values for anything.”
  7. “I’ll learn to live in the moment.”
  8. “I promise to let go of the things that are holding me back.”
  9. “I will stay motivated to pursue my innermost dreams and strong passion.”
  10. “I promise to myself to always see the fun and fulfillment in every activity I partake in.”
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